Municipal Services

Fire Engine at Fire House #1, circa 1940.

New Fire Station. Intersection of rte.109 & Summer St., 1991.
New Police station, Village & Campbell Sts., W. Medway, 1991.
New Police station. Seen from GAR Memorial, 1991.
Horsedrawn wagon Hose #1 (Main & Franklin Sts.), circa 1910.
W. Medway Fire house #1. At rte.109 & Franklin St. (across from Community Church) seen in 1991.
Fire engine M2501, circa 1934
Close-up of fire engine at W. Medway, before 1945.
Fire House #1, Looking East down Main St.( rte 109) no date.
Fire Dept members, Combination #1, W. Medway, circa1910.
Combination ladder & hose truck, circa 1934.
West Medway Fire #1, Maxim. Circa 1935
Old fire wagon with Torrent #1 (fire house) W. Medway,1875.
Original Sanford Hall. Village St.1876-1911 (burned in 1911). Originally contained Post Office, Dean Library, Bank and stores. Town meeting rooms upstairs. Notice Village St. trolley. No Date.
Old Sanford Hall, from N. side Village St. Seen are Ellsworth, Abbott Market, savings bank. Notice Village St. trolley. No Date.
Rapid Fire Engine Co. 1897. "Old Squirrel Tail".