Town's People

Fire Fighters of W. Medway #1, 1910.

Fire Dept members, Combination #1, W. Medway, 1910.
Old theatre group "Breezy Point" drama company, performed Oct/Nov,1902
Children at Old Medway Library No date.
Old W. Medway Orchestra W. A. Fales Orchestra members for dances, 1903.
Old W. Medway Brass Band W. A. Fales outside GAR Hall, W. Medway, 1890.
Workers United Awl & Needle, No date.
Workers United Awl & Needle, 1912.
Workers Medway Coal & Grain, 1946. Shown l-r: D. Coakley, J. Gormley, W. Giallonardo, D. Malloy, and T. Malloy.
Wally Malloy Band 10 pc band. Seen at Sanford Hall. Walter Malloy w. trumpet, rt rear.
Mr. DeWire In front of Abbott Market, 1920's. Village St.
Pageant Girls Summer, 1913.