26 High Street
Medway, MA 02053

Minutes of the Board of Library Trustees Meeting

April 6, 2004, 7:00 PM


    MaryAnn Cabibbo
    David Cole, Vice Chairman
    Madalyn Corbett
    Patrick Marshall, Director
    William Roberts, Secretary
    Wendy Rowe, Chairman


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Motion to approve the agenda (DC1, WLR2) passed unanimously

  3. Citizens speak
  4. None

  5. Secretary's report
  6. Motion to approve March minutes (DC1, MAC2) passed unanimously

  7. Budget report
  8. Bills were reviewed and signed by 4 trustees

    We're getting $94 and change in increased state aid this year

    Next year's Minuteman fees are going up

  9. Director's report
  10. Old Business
    1. Sally's retirement
    2. Its being announced in the Friends newsletter.

    3. Staff position upgrades
    4. Patrick is pursuing. See 3/18 and 3/26 in the Director's Report.

  11. New Business
    1. Library Legislative Day tomorrow
    2. Wendy's going.

    3. FinCom meeting coverage 7-8:30pm
    4. May meeting date change:
    5. 5/11, (Note: the second Tuesday in May). There's a distinct possibility that the Town Meeting (5/10) will overflow into a second thrill packed evening. To meet this eventuality the trustees will meet at 6.

  12. Adjournment
  13. Occurred at an expeditious (barring an interminable discussion of the May meeting time) 7:35. Motion to adjourn (DC1, MC2) passed unanimously

Director’s Report

(March 2004 activity)

The first month as Director of Medway’s public library has proven to be a busy and productive one. Spreadsheets of each account have been made providing me with a solid grasp of where we stand financially, new books have been ordered and three of the four computers down when I started are back up and running.

Staff have noticed some minor changes within the library. All staff now have e-mail access through Minuteman which will provide better communications in-house. They are also no longer filling out time sheets but are instead filling in their hours in a staff notebook. This will provide a better record of when they work and leave time taken as the individual slips were easily misplaced. They have also had to deal with a Director who occasionally works the desk in an attempt to learn Minuteman.

Finally, in an effort to make new books more recognizable to patrons, “new” stickers are being placed on the spines. This is an attempt to show off our new materials more prominently to patrons and clearly mark where the new items are located.

Budget Report

Account Start Balance Expen. to date End Balance
Salaries Full Time $151,511.00 $93,001.12 $58,509.88
Salaries Part Time $110,129.00 $103,559.66 $6,569.34
Electricity $14,000.00 $10,532.27 $3,467.73
Heating Fuel $6,200.00 $5,337.07 $862.93
Water & Sewer $670.00 $170.37 $499.63
Trash $2,400.00 $697.84 $1,702.16
Miscellaneous $6,000.00 $5,702.11 $297.89
Telephone $1,900.00 $1,112.75 $787.25
Stamps $1,200.00 $444.00 $756.00
Other Purchased Services $5,600.00 $746.58 $4,853.42
Supplies $9,900.00 $3,081.77 $6,818.23
Supplies Books /periodicals $46,000.00 $29,767.79 $16,232.21
Supplies Media Materials $6,200.00 $8,513.38 $(2,313.38)
Dues and Subscriptions $1,050.00 $544.60 $505.40
In State Travel $1,000.00 $218.41 $781.59
Total $363,760.00 $263,429.72 $100,330.28

Revolving Fund


Memorial Donations


Free Public Library