Board of Library Trustees Meeting
Dec 14, 2004

7:00 p.m.


    Phyllis Cerel
    David Cole, Vice Chairman
    MaryAnn Cabibbo
    Madalyn Corbett
    Patrick Marshall, Director
    William Roberts, Secretary
    Wendy Rowe, Chairman


  1. Approval of Dec 14, 2004 agenda

  2. Motion to approve agenda. (DC1,MC2) passed unanimously

  3. Secretary’s report

  4. Once again the Secretary forgot to copy Patrick on the email distributing the minutes. The proceedings were sadly delayed while MaryAnn xeroxed her copy.

    Motion to approve the November minutes. (MAC1, MC2) passed unanimously

  5. Citizens Speak

  6. None present

  7. Budget Report

  8. The town treasurer has received our state aid check, roughly $16,700

    The town accountant took back the $37 we had in an old CIPC Library computer upgrade account. This goes a long way towards defraying the town's $800 some-odd thousand deficit

    The memorial donation fund had $5500 in it. Used a good portion to upgrade various children's collections. Hawaii is now consistently acknowledged to be a bona-fide state, at least as far as the Medway Public Library is concerned.

    Union contract was approved, specifies a 3% increase retroactive to January 1, 2004 with a .5% increase sometime later within the year, 3% increase in each of the next 2 years with another additional 0.5% increase the year after next.

    For the library staff, there is the inclusion of a bonus for attending appropriate workshops and classes. Patrick hopes this will encourage the staff to better themselves.

  9. Director’s Report

    Patrick's on vacation after Friday, back after Christmas. Nina's been shown the ropes.

    He has not heard from the town administrator about the request for a new part-time position

  10. Old business

  11. New Business

    1. Public computer use
    2. The stand-up catalog-only computer has been seated and the internet quicky machine has been made to stand. Patrons were sitting at the quick-use internet machine for long periods. It's hoped that having to stand up and shift their weight from foot to foot will dissuade them. Also it's easier for the staff to monitor.

      We are going to start having more sign-up sheets for computer usage. Patrick's going to institute this after his vacation

      Patrick is also going to review the computer use policy

    3. Staff Meeting Extraordinaire
    4. Patrick would like to hold an extended staff meeting sometime in January or February. This would necessitate opening late that morning. The purposes would include:

      All the trustees felt this was a good idea. It was suggested that he make sure to have an agenda or set of talking points well in advance so staff could have plenty of time to sharpen their hatchets.

  12. Next Meeting Jan 4, 2004

  13. Adjournment 7:43PM

  14. Motion to adjourn, (MAC1, PC2), who could be opposed?

Director’s Report

12/14/04 Trustees Meeting

(November 2004 activity)

Budgets and computers were the theme for November. A rough draft budget was submitted to the Town for review on December 3, 2004. The budget reflects the current needs of the library in order to be able to provide level services. A new part time library assistant position has been requested to help alleviate some of the stress on library staff already stretched thin. I’m sure changes to the budget request will occur as we go through the season.

Technology is another area that took up a lot of time in November. At one point 3 public computers and one staff computer were down. Mike Maki, a computer consultant and current IT person for the Town of Foxboro, was called in to talk about where the library could go with limited funding. We will be evaluating all the machines and upgrading them over the next few months. The four machines that were down have been repaired and are now nicely working.

Along with the music cd flushing bandit, Library staff have reported to me that a library customer has been coming into the building and making them feel uncomfortable. This individual has done nothing wrong but has made some staff a bit nervous. I have informed staff that anytime they feel nervous to call Walter or myself out to the front desk. In the event that neither Walter or I are available, they should call the police and explain the situation clearly and calmly and ask for an officer to come to the library.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrick W Marshall

Budget Report (as of 12/8/04)
Medway Public Library
Trustees Meeting 12/14/04
Account Start Balance Expen. to date End Balance
Longevity $900.00 $200.00 $700.00
Salaries Full Time $157,622.00 $49,072.72 $108,549.28
Salaries Part Time $114,174.00 $66,025.43 $48,148.57
Electricity $13,600.00 $8,914.52 $4,685.48
Heating Fuel $6,200.00 $500.96 $5,699.04
Water & Sewer $500.00 $77.82 $422.18
Trash $1,100.00 $- $1,100.00
R &M Miscellaneous $5,000.00 $5,295.98 $(295.98)
Telephone $1,650.00 $748.61 $901.39
Postage $650.00 $- $650.00
Other Purchased Services $3,300.00 $733.00 $2,567.00
Supplies $6,000.00 $2,372.61 $3,627.39
Supplies Books /periodicals $48,000.00 $20,619.20 $27,380.80
Supplies Media Materials $6,950.00 $5,410.29 $1,539.71
Dues and Subscriptions $350.00 $846.50 $(496.50)
In State Travel $550.00 $235.43 $314.57
Total $366,546.00 $161,053.07 $205,492.93

Revolving Fund


Memorial Donations


Free Public Library