Board of Library Trustees Meeting
May 11, 2004 6:15pm

Room 121 Medway High School


    MaryAnn Cabibbo
    Phyllis Cerel
    Madalyn Corbett
    Patrick Marshall, Director
    William Roberts, Secretary
    Wendy Rowe, Chairman


  1. Library Trustee Reorganization

  2. Approval of May 11, 2004 agenda

  3. Motion to approve the agenda. (MC1, WLR2) passed unanimously

  4. Secretary’s report

  5. Motion to approve the April minutes. (MAC1, MC2) passed unanimously

  6. Citizens Speak

  7. Though citizens on their way to Town Meeting were bustling past room 121, nary a one stopped in.

  8. Budget Report

  9. Director’s Report

  10. Patrick will be handling the summer reading program.

    The library has most of the school's summer reading lists. We aren't making an effort to stock up hundreds of copies.

    One of the staff is looking for another part-time job, and another hopes for more hours here. Increasing staff hours is one of Patrick's priorities, given how tight scheduling is especially in the summer with vacations. We have the money due to the turnover in the Children's librarian position.

    Motion to authorize Patrick to pursue increasing the Library Assistant position by 5 hours. It is understood that this makes it benefits eligible. MC1, MAC2. passed unanimously

  11. Old Business

    1. Sally’s retirement

    2. The Selectmen have been asked to make a proclamation, thanking her for her years of service.

      Sally will officially retire on July 3. As she has a month's worth of vacation her actual last day at the library will be around June 2.

  12. New Business

    1. Signing of Warrants

    2. The Town Accountant has been insisting on 4 Trustee signatures on bills despite our motion of last fall delegating that authority to the chairman. Trustee signatures are valuable collectible items, but requiring four is unreasonable and our bylaws are clear on the point. So just to reiterate:

      Motion to give the Chairman signature authority on warrants as previously authorized and as provided for by the Trustee Bylaws. (MAC1, WLR2) passed unanimously

      Motion to reauthorize the director's signature authority to approve expenditures for bills of up to $1000. (MAC1, WLR2) passed unanimously

    3. Director’s Contract

    4. Motion to keep Patrick as Library Director and pay him the FY05 salary agreed to in February. (MC1, MAC2) passed unanimously.

      Will discuss contract at the June meeting

  13. Adjournment: 7:20PM

    Motion to adjourn, (MAC1, MC2) passed unanimously

Director’s Report

5/11/04 Trustees Meeting

April has been a busy month at the library. I continue to familiarize myself with the staff and the community and believe this process of learning will continue for some time. One thing that I have learned is how dedicated and hard working the staff here at the library is and for this I commend them.

In May, we will be looking at advertising for a Children’s Librarian as well as conducting our first staff meeting on the 19th. Staff members are also bracing themselves for what should be a very busy end of May and June as coverage will have to be found for some of Sally’s hours as well as end of the year vacations.

(April 2004 activity)

Respectfully submitted,

Patrick W Marshall

Budget Report
Medway Public Library
Trustees Meeting 5/11/04
Account Start Balance Expen. to date End Balance
Salaries Full Time $151,511.00 $105,182.82 $46,328.18
Salaries Part Time $110,129.00 $116,848.17 $(6,719.17)
Electricity $14,000.00 $12,032.54 $1,967.46
Heating Fuel $6,200.00 $6,523.47 $(323.47)
Water & Sewer $670.00 $421.15 $248.85
Trash $2,400.00 $1,287.11 $1,112.89
Miscellaneous $6,000.00 $5,702.11 $297.89
Telephone $1,900.00 $1,159.08 $740.92
Stamps $1,200.00 $444.00 $756.00
Other Purchased Services $5,600.00 $1,478.58 $4,121.42
Supplies $9,900.00 $3,377.79 $6,522.21
Supplies Books /periodicals $46,000.00 $36,096.26 $9,903.74
Supplies Media Materials $6,200.00 $8,588.58 $(2,388.58)
Dues and Subscriptions $1,050.00 $544.60 $505.40
In State Travel $1,000.00 $218.41 $781.59
Total $363,760.00 $299,904.67 $63,855.33

Revolving Fund


Memorial Donations


Free Public Library