Board of Library Trustees Meeting
Nov 2, 2004

7:00 p.m.


    Phyllis Cerel
    David Cole, Vice Chairman
    MaryAnn Cabibbo
    Patrick Marshall, Director
    William Roberts, Secretary
    Wendy Rowe, Chairman


  1. Approval of Nov 2, 2004 agenda

    Motion to approve agenda. (MAC1, DC2) passed unanimously

  2. Secretary’s report

    Shockingly there was a typo in the October minutes. "meeing" should be "meeting". Motion to approve the October minutes with the correction. (DC1, WLR2) 4 for, 1 abstention (MaryAnn)

  3. Citizens Speak


  4. Budget Report

    Town provided a monthly reconciliation report for October

  5. Director’s Report

  6. Old business

    1. FY 06 Budget

    2. The union contract is mostly settled. Patrick's factored in the likely salary increases. As a place holder, it has a 3.5% rise in the Director's salary.

      Budget includes new part-time position

      Patrick will email the budget when contract is firm, close to when he's going to submit it (it's due before our next meeting).

      Motion to accept the budget with allowance for contractual adjustments. (MAC1,DC2) passed unanimously.

  7. New Business

    1. FY 06 Action Plan

    2. Patrick passed out the Action Plan he's sending to the state. We'll need a Long Range Plan next October.

      Mention was made of requesting a Customer Service Grant. Would include a survey. See item and state fact sheet.

      Though it wasn't required: Motion to approve Action Plan. (MAC1, PC2) passed unanimously

  8. Next Meeting Dec 14, 2004

  9. Note that as a service to his fellow Trustees, the secretary put off and put off writing these minutes until the day before so they could serve as a handy reminder for our next meeting. Kind've like that reminder call from your friendly dentist

  10. Adjournment 7:48
  11. Motion to adjourn. (MAC1, DC2). passed unanimously

Director’s Report

11/2/04 Trustees Meeting

(October 2004 activity)

October has been a busy month at the library. For personal projects, I have begun the rough draft of the FY 06 budget with hopes of having much of it in place before the Town announces the complete budget process in early November. I have also begun to work on an updated library action plan that must be submitted to the BLC in order to be eligible for any state grants.

Computers and technology continue to eat a lot of staff time as we struggle to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the public. This month the laser jet was down for a week and needed to be sent out for repair. This left the public without a printer from which to print. We also need to start looking into updating some of the computers (especially the children’s office which is still on Windows 95) and determining the best way to prepare the library for future technology needs.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrick W Marshall

Budget Report (as of 10/27/04)
Medway Public Library
Trustees Meeting 11/2/04
Account Start Balance Expen. to date End Balance
Longevity $900.00 $200.00 $700.00
Salaries Full Time $157,622.00 $32,177.15 $125,444.85
Salaries Part Time $114,174.00 $44,153.60 $70,020.40
Electricity $13,600.00 $7,424.36 $6,175.64
Heating Fuel $6,200.00 $203.19 $5,996.81
Water & Sewer $500.00 $69.68 $430.32
Trash $1,100.00 $- $1,100.00
R &M Miscellaneous $5,000.00 $4,783.98 $216.02
Telephone $1,650.00 $426.46 $1,223.54
Postage $650.00 $- $650.00
Other Purchased Services $3,300.00 $733.00 $2,567.00
Supplies $6,000.00 $1,990.65 $4,009.35
Supplies Books /periodicals $48,000.00 $15,984.22 $32,015.78
Supplies Media Materials $6,950.00 $2,437.80 $4,512.20
Dues and Subscriptions $350.00 $121.50 $228.50
In State Travel $550.00 $185.25 $364.75
Total $366,546.00 $110,890.84 $255,655.16

Revolving Fund


Memorial Donations


Free Public Library


Medway Public Library

FY 06 Action Plan

Mission Statement– The Public Library is a unique institution in American life. The library is created by the community at large to disseminate knowledge, to bring the breadth of human culture into the community and to promote the love of reading.

Goal 1. To improve our services and meet the growing demands of library users for popular reading and other material formats.

Objective 1. Improve patron access to best sellers and other reading materials

Activity 1 – Establish a speed reading collection.

Activity 2 Establish a rental collection.

Activity 3 – Complete and set up a regular plan for active weeding of library collection by the end of FY 06.

Objective 2. Improve the audio / video collection.

Activity 1 – Investigate standing order plans for media materials.

Activity 2 – Evaluate circulation statistics to establish popularity of formats.

Activity 3 – Solicit public feedback during the first three months of FY 06 for most desired material formats.

Objective 3.Improve awareness of new materials

Activity 1 – Promote all materials through reorganization of displays.

Activity 2 – Provide monthly lists of new materials or popular items via the web page and other means.

Activity 3 – Relabel shelves within first six months of FY 06 and improve signage throughout the year.

Goal 2. To effectively use and develop our talent.

Objective 1. Encourage staff attendance at area workshops.

Activity 1 – Promote and display MetroWest and Minuteman continuing education calendars.

Activity 2 – Investigate outside training opportunities within the community and surrounding towns.

Activity 3 – Provide in-house training.

Activity 4– Survey staff for training topics of interest.

Goal 3. Improve patron access to technology resources.

Objective 1. Improve Internet access at the library.

Activity 1 – Develop plan for upgrading library computers

Activity 2 – Update software on public access PC’s.

Objective 2. Improvecomputer management within library.

Activity 1 – Investigate various methods that other libraries use to have patrons sign up and use computers.

Activity 2 – Investigate ways to improve printer use and control costs.

Goal 4. Establish an up to date and usable set of library policies.

Objective 1. Review current policies with Trustees and staff and revise as necessary.

Activity 1 – Gather current library policies.

Activity 2 – Staff, Trustees and Director develop a priority list of policies to be updated.

Activity 3 – Gather policies from area libraries.

Activity 4 – Write and submit policies for review by Trustees.

Activity 5 – If needed, have Town Council review new policies.

Activity 6 – Acquaint staff with new policies.

Activity 7 – Publicize new policies to library users.

Goal 5. Determine library needs of the community.

Objective 1. Evaluate current library usage.

Activity 1 – Conduct reference survey counts.

Activity 2 – Borrow people counters from Metro West to assist with determining non-circulation use of the library and establish a yearly count from which to increase.

Activity 3 – Conduct survey of current library customers.

Activity 4 – Use consultant services of Metro West.

Objective 2. Work on new Library Long Range Plan.

Activity 1 – With Library Trustees, establish best way to complete new Long Range Plan.

Activity 2 – Implement steps to complete Long Range Plan.

Objective 3. Improve customer service

Activity 1 – Submit letter of intent for LSTA FY 06 Customer Service Grant.

Activity 2– Measure customer satisfaction before grant project begins.

Goal 6.Increase community awareness of library resources.

Objective 1. Establish better relations with Medway schools.

Activity 1– Make contact with school librarians

Activity 2– Establish regular meetings between library and school staff.

Activity 3– Develop better means of communication between staffs regarding assignments and available resources.

Objective 2. Develop relations with various community groups.

Activity 1 – Identify and meet with Medway clubs and organizations.

Activity 2 – Invite group members to library to show available resources.

Activity 3– Design programs and activities that allow for partnerships with various Medway groups.

Objective 3. Increase outreach into the community.

Activity 1– Conduct library programs outside of the library.

Activity 2– Establish honor collections at Town Hall and other locations.

Objective 4. Improve advertising and promotion of library events.

Activity 1– Contribute regular press releases to local papers.

Activity 2– Update library website.

Activity 3– Investigate advertising programs at local businesses.