Board of Library Trustees Meeting
Feb 1, 2005

Medway Public Library

7:00 p.m.


    David Cole, Vice Chairman
    MaryAnn Cabibbo
    Madalyn Corbett
    Patrick Marshall, Director
    William Roberts, Secretary
    Wendy Rowe, Chairman


  1. Approval of Feb 1, 2005 agenda

    Motion to approve the agenda: MAC1,MC2, passed unanimously.

  2. Secretary’s report

    Motion to approve December minutes. MAC1, BR2, passed unanimously.

  3. Citizens Speak


  4. Budget Report

  5. Director’s Report

  6. Old business

    1. FY 06 Budget update

      Patrick's talked to Marguerite Monahan our Fincom rep:

      • Town won't be cutting FY05 department budgets. They feel that they can make up the deficit somehow or another
      • Wed. Feb 9 we'll be before the Fincom Star Chamber. Patrick and Wendy at least are going.
      • Patrick's redone the 2006 budget with the real union numbers. Grand total is $404,000 and change.
    2. Town Meeting Warrant Article

      Motion to approve Town Meeting Warrant Article as presented to the Trustees: (DC1, MAC2) passed unanimously.

    3. Director’s Review

      The Chairman has gotten some of the Trustees' evaluations. She needs them all this week.

  7. New Business

    1. Town Report

      Town Report is due March 4. Patrick will put something together and run it by Wendy and present it at our Mar 1 meeting.

    2. Non-Certified Libraries

      Beverly and Lynn have been de-certified. Not much traffic from them so we're taking no action. Franklin received a waiver.

  8. Next Meeting Mar 1, 2005

  9. Adjournment

    Motion to adjourn (7:40) DC1, MAC2, passed unanimously.

Director’s Report

2/1/2005 Trustees Meeting

(January 2005 activity)

January has been a busy month here at the library. As the holidays have ended, library users are returning to us in large numbers. Nina has started her winter series of programs for children and is having much success. One new feature that she is doing is called “Book Cooks”. Each week the children will learn about a certain food (the first week was Thunder Cakes), make the food, and then enjoy the snack while hearing a story featuring the food item. The program has proven to be quite popular.

Snow and ice are proving to be a challenge this month. Walter has done a great job shoveling and salting. Ice repeatedly forms on the handicap ramp and by the book drop from roof melt. Not sure if anything can be done with this but the staff has done a good job at salting and scraping.

A plow driver reported to me that the bike rack might have been plowed along with the snow. He stated that a new driver was assigned to us during one of the storms and he was not familiar with the parking lot. I have looked for said rack and believe it to be buried in the large mound outside my office window. I’ll look again in June when this stuff finally melts.

Our three computers have arrived and two have been put into operation. I’ve been very pleased with how they have worked and how the company has worked with us. I have ordered four more and will be replacing all the opacs that still use Windows 98.

The other major work for January has been with the budget. Preparations for FY 06 have begun and the library is facing a potential 0.5% to 1% cut to its FY 05 budget. I am awaiting further updates on both issues.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrick W Marshall


Budget Report (as of 1/29/05)
Medway Public Library
Trustees Meeting 2/1/05
Account Start Balance Expen. to date End Balance

Longevity $900.00 $500.00 $400.00

Salaries Full Time $157,622.00 $65,557.51 $92,064.49

Salaries Part Time $114,174.00 $85,170.62 $29,003.38

Electricity $13,600.00 $9,737.89 $3,862.11

Heating Fuel $6,200.00 $2,541.76 $3,658.24

Water & Sewer $500.00 $315.72 $184.28

Trash $1,100.00 $589.27 $510.73

R &M Miscellaneous $5,000.00 $5,295.98 $(295.98)

Telephone $1,650.00 $1,053.11 $596.89

Postage $650.00 $- $650.00

Other Purchased Services $3,300.00 $932.35 $2,367.65

Supplies $6,000.00 $2,782.12 $3,217.88

Books /Periodicals $48,000.00 $24,904.57 $23,095.43

Media Materials $6,950.00 $6,497.69 $452.31

Dues, Subscriptions, Meetings $350.00 $846.50 $(496.50)

In State Travel $550.00 $412.75 $137.25

Total $366,546.00 $207,137.84 $159,408.16

Start Balance Expen. To date Income to date Account Bal
Revolving Fund $26,293.78 $22,500.00 $13,556.75 $17,350.53

Memorial Donations $5,560.84 $1,327.40 $125.00 $4,358.44

Free Public Library $58,283.06 $11,494.99 $16,692.97 $63,481.04

Town Meeting Warrant Article

Library Trustees warrant article for the May 2005 ATM

ARTICLE #__: To determine whether the Town will vote to re-authorize the
revolving fund for the Medway Public Library as provided for in
M.G.L. Chapter 44, Section 53E-1/2.  Said fund to have the following

1. The fund would be used for library automation and public copy
   machine expenses.
2. The revenue from the fund would come from charges for lost or
   damaged library materials, charges for lost or damaged library cards,
   meeting room use fees, printer use collections, public copy machine
   revenues, and from fines for overdue library materials.
3. The Board of Library Trustees would administer the fund and authorize
   the expenditure of monies in the fund.
4. The limit on the amount to be expended from the fund would be $22,500.

Or to act in any manner relating thereto.

                                          BOARD OF LIBRARY TRUSTEES