Board of Library Trustees Meeting
June 21, 2005

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



MaryAnn Cabibbo, Vice Chairman
Phyllis Cerel
David Cole
Patrick Marshall, Director
William Roberts, Secretary
Chuck Rockwood
Wendy Rowe, Chairman


Muriel Bulman
William Hoffman
Nina Hunt
Judith Moffatt
Danielle Williamson, Milford Daily News


  1. Approval of June 21, 2005 agenda

  2. Motion to approve the agenda. (MAC1, DC2) passed unanimously

  3. Citizens Speak

  4. One friendly citizen in attendance said hello. Other friendly but remote citizens have sent cards and letters.

    Chuck mentioned that he was the happy winner of the Medway Friends of the Library Pride Day Raffle

  5. Secretary’s Report

  6. Chuck pointed out that he hadn't gotten the minutes in his email. Wendy will look into the addresses connected to the Yahoo trustees group.

    Motion to approve May minutes as corrected. (MAC1, DC2) passed unanimously

    Motion to approve June 1 minutes as corrected. (MAC1, DC2) passed unanimously

  7. Budget (Expenses) Report

  8. Director’s Report

  9. Received donations in memory of Lillian Jones, Miriam Smith, and from the Medway Tax Facts

    The Charles River Community Partnership is sponsoring the Plimoth Plantation Pass.

    Congratulations to Nina for finishing her Master of Library Science degree.

    On a less happy note, the remainder of the surrounding towns have notified us that Medway citizens would not be served if we lose our certification. This includes those who were issued library cards by non-minuteman libraries (such as Norfolk, Bellingham and Milford). Those cards were issued based on the fact that Medway has always operated a certified public library.

    With a 22% disproportionate cut waivers are unlikely. In the case of Franklin, which has sometimes been floated as a counter example, their library suffered large (though not 22%) cuts. But so did all the other departments. The subsequent year, when they still were not being funded at certifiable levels, the library actually received the largest proportional increase of any department. The BOLC felt that this showed Franklin's heart was in the right place and gave them another waiver.

    There will be 45-60 waivers this year (up from 10). The exact number will depend on dickering in conference within the legislature and then with the Governor. So if we actually get funded up to a 5% cut come the next special town meeting, we will stand a reasonable chance.

  10. Old business

    1. FY 06 Budget

    2. The town's FY06 appropriation is less than our FY05 salary budget.

      Fincom (& the Selectmen) at town meeting expressed confidence that something would turn up by August at which point increasing the library's appropriation would be looked favorably upon.

      Patrick presented a proposed stop-gap budget. This budget will work through the summer. It would be unworkable after that. Thus if more money does not turn up we will be forced to revisit and drastically cut staff hours.

      Basically there will be a cut of 9 staff hours a week (see the library schedule below). Materials spending is reduced to the minimum needed to keep the line item alive (we will rely on the largess of the Friends to buy books, media and supplies). There is still a $28,184 shortfall which will be largely made up from the Tuchinsky fund. We can spend up to $30,000 from the Tuchinksy fund without dipping into the principal. There will also be significant inroads made to the Free Library account.

      This plan preserves staff health insurance as none of the 3 part time employees with health insurance drop below the 20 hour mark.

      There was some discussion of this. It was suggested that if we in fact cut back on part time hours, the town would have some amount of extra money which they would spend by raising our budget.

      However, it turns out that after nuking the library early in the budget season, then restoring us to our present level, Fincom forgot to put our insurance costs back into the town's insurance budget (otherwise we'd be looking at a even more reduced appropriation). So the money isn't there.

      It was generally felt that we shouldn't be proactive in this matter. Beyond the effects of such cuts on the staff members, there're union issues, the 3 employees would in effect be dropped from the union, and the union might take a dim view of staffing decisions solely based on reducing benefits (Muriel is very senior). If there is some action by someone in authority in the town (such as the Selectmen sending us a letter), we will consider the matter further.

      Also the budget depends on using $28,000 from the revolving fund rather than the $22,000 as approved at Town Meeting. This will have to be added to the Special Town Meeting warrant.

      Motion: To approve the proposed budget of $278,927 salary and $32,150 expenses as presented by our Director with approval to use $28,200 from the Tuchinsky fund with the understanding that the Trustees will review this in September when the town's financial situation may be clearer. (DC1, MAC2). Passed unanimously.

      The secretary was still not out of the woods after that one as it was felt that we should expressly authorize the use of the Tuchinsky fund. Thus:

      Motion: Not withstanding the Trustees' previous policy to use the interest of the Tuchinsky fund for extraordinary items, in light of the extraordinary circumstances in which the Library finds itself due to the reductions in the 2006 appropriations, the Trustees' hereby modify said policy to permit the use of the interest of the Tuchinsky fund to cover the deficit as passed in the previous motion. (DC1, PC2)

      After all that, Patrick noted that we would not need the extra money until April at which point we might be rolling in the dough due to increased town spending.

  11. New Business

    1. FY 06 Services/ hours

    2. Patrick proposed that in addition to being closed Saturdays through the summer, we close Mondays at 5, Tues, Wed and Thurs. at 8.

      This will:

      1. Allow 3 people to work evening shifts. Coverage would still be available when one staff member is absent. With the reduction in staff hours there is no money for substitute coverage.
      2. Employees coming to work at 4 would provide coverage for those going on supper breaks. It would also relieve staff to do tasks they may not otherwise get to in the afternoon when business booms.

      There was some discussion of whether opening later would be a good idea. There's a problem with our interlibrary book delivery which comes shortly after 10AM, plus it would make full time hours a bit odd (starting at 10:30 and going to 6:30 or so).

      There was a concern about evening meetings but these are not so frequent in the summer.

      It was recognized that these are just summer hours. If we get no increase in funding we will have to something drastic.

      There was a discussion of meeting rooms bookings. Don't want groups to make plans counting on the library to be open and then have to shutter it. People don't read or heed warnings so it was thought that limiting room bookings was the best idea for now.

      Motion: to allow meeting room bookings up to and including Sept 30. (CR1, PC2) passed unanimously


      Motion: to approve hours as suggested by the Director until further notice. (CR1, MC2) passed unanimously.

      There was a discussion of getting more information on the demographics of our users for use in raising support within the community. Generally felt to be a good idea.

      Patrick pointed out that we need to have such information in order to do the long range planning we're required to do come December. A survey was thought to be a good idea.

      The library is installing body counters at each door (funded by the Friends) so we will have an actual count of traffic. This won't provide age counts of course. Circulation statistics are not broken out by age either.

      Wendy pointed out that come September we'll be able to send out info through the schools.

    3. Meeting schedule

    4. Next meeting -- Tuesday, August 2

  12. Adjournment: 9:40

  13. Motion to adjourn: (MAC1, DC2) passed unanimously

Director’s Report

June 21, 2005 Trustees Meeting

(May (and most of June) 2005 activity)

The budget has, as been the case for the past two months or so, had center stage. The 22% cut in the budget is extreme and will result in drastic reductions in service if monies mentioned at Town Meeting do not appear in September.

The staff has provided me with immense support over the past few weeks and I thank them greatly. Despite the uncertainty that still hangs over the library, they have done their jobs well and continue to provide dedicated service to the people of Medway. They deserve much praise from everyone.

Normal June activities have also put a burden on the library staff. With vacations filling up the schedule, many have been called to work extra hours and take on extra responsibility. There is much hope that July will prove a quieter month for everyone.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrick W Marshall

Budget Report (as of 6/16/05)
Medway Public Library
Trustees Meeting 6/21/05
Account Start Balance Expen. to date End Balance

Longevity $900.00 $800.00 $100.00

Salaries Full Time $157,622.00 $112,729.33 $44,892.67

Salaries Part Time $114,174.00 $143,353.95 $(29,179.95)

Electricity $13,600.00 $14,025.29 $(425.29)

Heating Fuel $6,200.00 $7,820.62 $(1,620.62)

Water & Sewer $500.00 $494.86 $5.14

Trash $1,100.00 $1,178.54 $(78.54)

R &M Miscellaneous $5,000.00 $5,295.98 $(295.98)

Telephone $1,650.00 $1,693.55 $(43.55)

Postage $650.00 $444.00 $206.00

Other Purchased Services $3,300.00 $2,896.48 $403.52

Supplies $6,000.00 $4,450.03 $1,549.97

Books /Periodicals $48,000.00 $45,475.03 $2,524.97

Media Materials $6,950.00 $8,531.69 $(1,581.69)

Dues, Subscriptions, Meetings $350.00 $846.50 $(496.50)

In State Travel $550.00 $851.01 $(301.01)

Total $366,546.00 $350,886.86 $15,659.14

Start Balance Expen. To date Income to date Account Bal
Revolving Fund $26,293.78 $22,500.00 $24,050.77 $27,844.55

Memorial Donations $5,560.84 $2,653.44 $650.00 $3,557.40

Free Public Library $58,283.06 $18,603.90 $17,667.82 $57,346.98