Board of Library Trustees Meeting
June 6, 2006

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library


MaryAnn Cabibbo, Vice Chairman
Phyllis Cerel
Meena Jain
Patrick Marshall, Director
William Roberts, Secretary
Chuck Rockwood (arrived after library reorganization)
Wendy Rowe, Chairman


Sally Campbell
Dennis Crowley, Selectman
Richard Dunne, Selectman
Bill Hoffman
Nina Hunt
Eileen Kalukin
Judy Lane

  1. Library Trustee Reorganization

  2. Approval of June 6, 2006 agenda

  3. Motion to approve the agenda. (MAC1, WLR2) unanimous.

  4. Secretary’s report

  5. MaryAnn's last name was spelled wrong in some of the minutes and Chuck wasn't listed in the May 9th. With these corrections we have the following: (the varying vote tallies reflect who was absent (and thus abstained))

    1. Motion to approve the April 4 minutes (WLR1, MAC2) 5-0-1 (Meena abstained, she wasn't yet a Trustee)
    2. Motion to approve the April 18 minutes (WLR1, CR2) 5-0-1 (ditto)
    3. Motion to approve the May 9 minutes (WLR1 PC2) 5-0-1 (MaryAnn abstained)
    4. Motion to approve the May 17 minutes (WLR1, MJ2) 5-0-1 (Chuck abstained)
    5. Motion to approve the May 22 minutes (WLR1, MJ2) 6-0-0 (Nobody abstained)
    6. Motion to approve the May 30 minutes (WLR1, MJ2) 6-0-0 (ditto)

    Whew. No wonder the Secretary has been dreaming Trustee meetings. How he's avoided sending out the minute drafts for those nightmares is unclear.

  6. Citizens Speak

  7. Citizens spoke often. Generally in favor of being open some rather than being closed.

  8. Budget Report

  9. Director’s Report

  10. Keyes is replacing the airconditioning unit. They're waiting for a part which will be in soon.

  11. Old business

    1. FY 07 Budget update and Town Meeting (June 12, 2006)

    2. Many, including Phyllis and Meena, were concerned that fighting for level funding would jeopardize being open at all. It being easier to get a smaller amount rather than the "larger".

      What emerged as a workable plan was for Richard and Dennis (the two selectmen present) to work at putting together money for a small budget sufficient to keep the library open some. This would include the library's own trust fund money and the revolving fund (both of which have always been kept out of the official budget heretofore).

      The critical thing about this is that the small budget appropriation motion would come from the Selectmen (and hopefully the Fincom). The trustees would then be free to publicly say it was a good start and then to try to move enough extra money to reach level funding.

      This way the worst likely outcome is a library that's at least open a little and there's still the hope that the library will wind up level funded.

      Patrick spoke passionately about the value of the library to the town and that being open only 2 days a week would mean we were a library in name only. He pointed out that the town has not funded the library within State guidelines in a number of years. Listening to a discussion the outcome of which (if no extra money got allocated) would essentially gut and wreck the library was too bitter for him and he and MaryAnn (shortly thereafter) left.

      There was a circular discussion aimed at determining the amount of the minimal budget. The 2 selectmen wanted to know what being open 2 days would cost and the trustees generally wanted to know how much money was in the offing so they could say how many days of service they could provide. This discussion was resolved mainly by the exhaustion of all parties. A ballpark figure of $180,000 and at least 2 days of unlocked doors was agreed on. This figure came from: $87,723 (in mothball money), $22,000 (revolving), $33,000 (Tuchinsky), and close to $40,000 in extra town money taken from as yet unspecified sources.

      Dennis and Richard are going to go do some politicking to make this happen.

    3. Town meeting warrant motions

    4. Are none. We no longer need the revolving fund warrant. It is ours anyhow.

    5. Long Range Planning

    6. Defer to happier times

    7. Director’s Evaluation

    8. We approved his evaluation (rating: Outstanding) at our April 4 meeting and Wendy gave him a copy of it. We have not discussed it together with him at a meeting since we've been sidetracked by the threat to close the Library and by Patrick's decision to leave.

    9. Director’s Search

    10. Defer, without knowing the outcome of Town Meeting it's unclear exactly what we're searching for.

  12. New Business

    1. Signing of warrants

    2. No Warrant

    3. Meeting Schedule

    4. Frequent as is our habit nowadays. Next meeting will be Friday at 9AM at the Coffee Sensations. Followed by one Monday before Town Meeting at 3:30 and the same Monday at 7

  13. Other Business

  14. Next Meeting

  15. July meeting would be on July 4th? Alternate date if desired? Did not decide. Can worry about it at one of the above.

  16. Adjournment

  17. Adjournment. 9:35. (PC1, MJ2) Unanimous.

Director’s Report

June 6, 2006 Trustees Meeting

(May 06 activity)

The announcement at the beginning of the month that Town officials recommend closure of the library to solve their FY 07b deficit has kept all of us busy. Most of the month has been sent working to change their opinions and making the public aware of the situation. Sadly, this has put on hold a number of projects including the wireless access, downloadable audios and the long-range plan. It is my hope that the library will remain open and that these projects can resume in some form in FY 07.

Respectfully submitted,

Patrick W Marshall

Budget Report
Medway Public Library
Account Acct # Start Balance Expen. to date End Balance % Spent
Longevity 5150 $500.00 $500.00 $- 100.00%
Salaries Full Time 5110 $156,744.00 $117,942.07 $38,801.93 75.25%
Salaries Part Time 5111 $83,545.00 $101,510.47 $(17,965.47) 121.50%
Electricity 5211 $14,600.00 $13,847.68 $752.32 94.85%
Heating Fuel 5212 $8,000.00 $9,636.26 $(1,636.26) 120.45%
Water & Sewer 5231 $350.00 $407.58 $(57.58) 116.45%
Trash 5232 $1,200.00 $1,765.18 $(565.18) 147.10%
R &M Miscellaneous 5240 $7,000.00 $7,007.83 $(7.83) 100.11%
Telephone 5341 $1,850.00 $1,464.47 $385.53 79.16%
Postage 5343 $450.00 $444.00 $6.00 98.67%
Other Purchased Services 5380 $1,500.00 $1,605.90 $(105.90) 107.06%
Supplies 5400 $3,500.00 $2,654.21 $845.79 75.83%
Books /Periodicals 5521 $3,137.00 $2,403.37 $733.63 76.61%
Media Materials 5427 $1,000.00 $601.07 $398.93 60.11%
Dues, Subscriptions, Meetings 5730 $500.00 $117.50 $382.50 23.50%
In State Travel 5710 $850.00 $450.40 $399.60 52.99%

TOTAL $284,726.00 $262,357.99 $22,368.01 92.14%

Start Balance Expen. To date Income to date Account Bal
Revolving Fund 4773 $28,968.44 $22,500.00 $17,714.85 $24,183.29

Memorial Donations 6011 $3,949.10 $4,533.17 $1,883.00 $1,298.93

Free Public Library 2017 $52,730.48 $44,954.13 $31,001.39 $38,777.74

Tuchinsky Fund as of 2/28/06 $33,319.30 $- $342.44 $33,661.74