Board of Library Trustees Special Meeting
May 30, 2006

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library


MaryAnn Cabibo
Phyllis Cerel -- through 8PM
Meena Jain
Patrick Marshall, Director
William Roberts, Secretary
Chuck Rockwood
Wendy Rowe, Chairman

Wendy presented her plan for getting enough money to keep the library open and possibly waiverable.

The money comes from a coalition of the willing (the Council on Aging (maybe) and the assessors (certainly) are willing to give up some or all of their budget increase) plus reducing the amounts to be added to the various accounts as listed below.

The proposed infusions into the town's various rainy day accounts fund those accounts beyond what the state requires. Wendy and the trustees generally feel it to be a mistake to overfund those accounts and at the same time close the library. Phyllis worried that the state would frown on any attempts to cut savings.

Wendy and Patrick have also been discussing with the schools (the chair of the school committee, school committee members and the superintendent) sharing a portion of a custodian and possibly a library assistant.

There are union issues as working in the library would not contribute to requirements for health care coverage, etc since the schools have a different union.

Motion to move additional funds to the library budget at town meeting from funds proposed to go to:

(MAC1, CR2) Passed 5-0-0 (Phyllis had left by this point)

This plus the funds allocated to mothball us comes to roughly $282,723. Basically what we got this year.

Chuck had the good idea of canvassing the folks who've used the meeting rooms for support. He's going to get the folder with contact information and call them.

Patrick and Wendy have had some contact with people from Millis broaching the regionalization idea. The problem is that to have a regional library, both towns have to contribute enough money to be certifiable individually. As things stand, Medway would take Millis down along with it. Branches don't work since a branch has to be in the same municipality as its trunk.

Phyllis is going to represent the trustees at the Town Moderator's meeting Wednesday night. She is to ask the Moderator if we have to object to each budget item as they are read (in case there's money to be gotten there) or if moving funds can be addressed when the library comes up (at which point those other line items would need to get changed). Wendy is going to get the exact wording of the question to Phyllis (hopefully more clearly expressed than the above) before the meeting.

Motion to adjourn (9:30PM): (MAC1, MJ2), passed unanimous.