Board of Library Trustees Meeting

October 24, 2006

7 p.m.

Medway Public Library


MaryAnn Cabibbo, Vice Chairman (left with our quorum at 7:20)
Meena Jain
William Roberts, Secretary
Wendy Rowe, Chairman

Bevy of Citizens:

Richard Dunne, Selectman & liaison to the Library Trustees
Dennis Crowley, Selectman
Glenn Trindade, Selectman
Raphaela Rozanski, citizen
Chan Rodgers, citizen


Came to order (or some semblance there-of) at 7:05

Glenn re-iterated what he'd said at the special town meeting: that library certification is important and that the Selectmen hope to persuade the MBLC to grant us a waiver, at our current budget and at 20 hours.

Wendy said that MBLC's policy is to not consider towns which don't meet the minimum recommended hours (32 a week in our case). This is from discussions with them. She felt that to maintain the possibility of a waiver, we would need to maintain those hours.

The question then was, should we spend the money, knowing that next year we are likely going to be spending down all our savings just to maintain our current level of service.

Bill felt that the people who had generously donated the money the library is now living upon (largely Aurelia Tuchinsky) would be unhappy if we didn't use their donations to do everything we could to try to maintain the best library in our power (ie pitifully waiverably certified).

It was also nice to hear that the Selectmen were at least concerned about the certification issue and willing to work on our behalf.

Chuck Rockwood who couldn't make the meeting had told Wendy that he favored maintaining the hours.

MaryAnn felt that we should hang on to the money as things were going to be no better in the coming fiscal year and we were going to need it just to be open 20 hours.

Motion to maintain our 32 hour schedule with the funds [roughly $2000 a month] to come from Library Savings. The trustees will revisit this if the Town finds money for this purpose or the MBLC denies us a waiver (in January or February). (WLR1, MJ2) passed 3-1 (MaryAnn opposed)

MaryAnn left at this point (7:20) so we no longer had a quorum

Chan Rodgers, a citizen, said he'd come because he was disturbed by the Trustees uncooperative attitude and to urge us to cooperate with the Selectmen and town officials.

There followed a generally productive discussion with the Selectmen on how to proceed.

The Secretary is just going to copy Wendy's summary. The Secretary couldn't do any better and he's lazy to boot.

"The Selectmen didn't give us their opinions on how we should vote re the 32 hours. BOS Chair Jim Galligan, who wasn't at the meeting, has gone on record saying he thinks he can get the MBLC to waiver us even if we get no additional funds and even if we're open less than 32 hours. He is already working on his letter to the MBLC and is setting up a time to have their reps come out here for a meeting. After our vote, Dennis Crowley said he'd favor the BOS trying to find us about $35K to keep open those hours even with some cleaning service for the rest of this fiscal year. He and the other Selectmen are going to try to broker a deal with the MBLC to certify us for that total amount. Glenn asked for our support, saying they wanted to know that if they work out a deal at our certification hearing (coming early in December, they say) that'll get us certified at the lower amount, they want to know that we Trustees will not go into the Dec STM looking for $138K instead. As Bill Roberts pointed out, we've said all along that our goal is certification, not a particular amount; we've just been asking all along for whatever the MBLC says is the minimum. Glenn wants us to take a formal vote at our November meeting stating explicitly our support for any certification deal they can work out even if it gets us less money than we'd been asking for. Although the three Selectmen present had not voted on the additional funding for the Library, all three present seemed to be in agreement about it.

The Selectmen are going to arrange a meeting with the MBLC as soon as possible.