Board of Library Trustees Meeting
Jan 2, 2007

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



MaryAnn Cabibbo, Vice Chairman
Meena Jain
William Roberts, Secretary
Chuck Rockwood
Wendy Rowe, Chairman


Margaret Perkins


  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Motion to approve the agenda: MAC1, CR2, passed unanimously

  3. Secretary's report (Dec 12 draft minutes)
  4. Motion to approve Dec 12 minutes: MAC1, WLR2, passed with CR abstaining (he wasn't present)

  5. Citizens Speak
  6. Budget Report
  7. Only getting monthly reports on the salary lines. Not the Donation line.

    Donations are being used for materials and Poland Spring cooler for staff (the Friends have paid for that, traditionally, so this is paid out of their monthly donation)

    Non-materials expenses including temporary help pay are coming from the State Aid account until it runs dry and then will be paying those from the Tuchinsky Interest Fund.

  8. Acting Director's Report
  9. Old business
  10. New Business
  11. Next Regular Meeting Tues Feb 6 2007

Motion to adjourn (9:20) MJ1, MAC2, all left