Board of Library Trustees Meeting
May 26, 2009

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



Carol Brown
MaryAnn Cabibbo
Ed Duggan
William Roberts
Wendy Rowe



As always, democracy in action (in the shape of the town election which returned MaryAnn in triumph and swept in Ed and Carol) had thrown the Trustees into a state of primal disorganization and despair.

With no Director to take charge Wendy leapt into the breach. She suggested that what we needed was a Secretary and Bill said he was willing thus:

Motion to nominate Bill as Secretary: MAC1, ED2, passed unanimously

Alas, all a Secretary can do is take the notes for his continuing Chronicles: he can observe and record chaos, but not contribute to bringing order to it.

So, Wendy said she was willing to keep on as Chair thus:

Motion to nominate Wendy as Chair, WLR1, CB2, passed unanimously

Now all that remained was to find a Vice Chair. MaryAnn said that the chief duties of this position was to keep the Chair healthy so the Vice Chair didn't have to do any work (the Secretary notes that in many epic dramas, the plot moves forward when the dastardly second in command plots to overthrow the leader, evidently not so in our case). Anyhow, MaryAnn said she was willing:

Motion to nominate MaryAnn as Vice Chair, ED1, WLR2, passed unanimously

Thus once again the Trustees had completed their annual ritual of disillusion and renewal.

Carol said that she attended the recent Franklin Library Board meeting and would fill us in next Tuesday (as in any good serial adventure, we end with the expectation of imminent plot developments).

Carol attended the meeting because Ed had a conflict. Now that he's a trustee, Ed will continue attending the Franklin Library Board meetings -- but now he'll be our official liaison to their Board. Carol says she can go occasionally when he's not available (their meetings conflict with her Lions meetings).

The next Trustee meeting is next Tuesday, June 2

Motion to adjourn (7:10), MAC1, CB2, passed unanimously.

The Secretary successfully strung the minutes out so that it takes longer to read them than it did to attend the meeting. Something of an accomplishment.