Board of Library Trustees Meeting
November 1, 2011

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



Carol Brown, Vice-chair
MaryAnn Cabibbo
Ed Duggan (arrived at 7:10, after the routine motions)
Chris Monahan
William Roberts, Secretary
Wendy Rowe, Chair


Margaret Perkins, Acting Director

  1. Approval of agenda
  2. Motion to approve agenda: CB1, WLR2, passed unanimously

  3. Secretary's Report
  4. Motion to approve October minutess: CB1, WLR2, passed unanimously

  5. Citizens Speak
  6. Budget Report
  7. Director's Report
  8. There was a discussion around letting the library's folding tables and chairs be used by groups like the Medway Community Farm (non profit, but not a municipal entity). Wendy will email Suzanne (the Town Administrator) and ask.

  9. Old Business
  10. New Business
  11. Fundraising
  12. Adjournment; next meeting December 6
  13. Motion to adjourn: 9:05 - CM1, MAC2. passed unanimously

Budget Report

Account Acct # Start Balance Expen. To Date End Balance % Spent
Salaries - Full Time 5110 $78,624.00 $24,202.10 $54,421.90 30.78%
Salaries - Part Time 5111 $66,692.00 $20,310.14 $46,381.86 30.45%
Longevity 5150 $850.00 $850.00 $0.00 100.00%
Electricity 5211 $21,500.00 $5,705.75 $15,794.25 26.54%
Heating Fuel 5212 $7,900.00 $214.73 $7,685.27 2.72%
Trash 5232 $1,683.00 $835.66 $847.34 49.65%
Water & Sewer 5231 $863.00 $147.87 $715.13 17.13%
R & M Miscellaneous 5240 $5,784.00 $19,655.66 ($13,871.66) 339.83% incl. Emerg. Trans.
Telephone 5341 $1,500.00 $423.18 $1,076.82 28.21%
Supplies 5400 $1,600.00 $560.80 $1,039.20 35.05%
Postage 5343 $264.00 $44.00 $220.00 16.67%
OPS - (Minuteman bill) 5380 $22,707.00 $22,851.00 ($144.00) 100.63%
Media 5427


Books 5521


Travel 5710
$16.50 ($16.50)

$209,967.00 $95,817.39 $114,149.61 45.63%

Start Balance* Expen. To Date Income to Date Account Bal
Memorial Donations 5400 $9,836.82 $13,684.57 $20,814.95 $16,967.20
Tuchinsky Fund Interest
$81.91 $40,692.23
Tuchinsky Fund Principal

Library Restitution Fund 024-610-706-4773 $10,389.75 $2,072.57 $298.50 $8,615.68
Copier & Printer Rev. Fund 024-610-722-4840 $2,958.53
$303.90 $3,262.43
Meeting Room Rev. Fund 024-610-723-4840 $2,114.18
$110.00 $2,224.18
Free Public Library 2017 $8,724.52 $3,199.00
$177,503.23 $18,956.14 $21,609.26 $180,156.35

Automated Checkout


*start balances corrected

Director's Report

Medway Public Library

Director’s Report

November 1, 2011

Emergency Transfer

There are a couple of problems with the Emergency Transfer for the HVAC replacement, which was approved by the FinCom on June 28, 2011. The money ended up in our FY11 budget, and was returned to the General Fund. In order to encumber the funds, the equipment/installation would have had to have been ordered by the end of the fiscal year, but at that time DPS had not yet selected a vendor. The second problem was that the original Emergency Transfer request, signed by Wendy and Felicia, had the DPS’ account number on it. The copy signed by the FinCom, but which does not have Wendy’s or Felicia’s signatures, has the library’s Repair and Maintenance account number on it. We did not hear that the money had gone into the library budget until mid July. It is therefore necessary to submit another Emergency Transfer Request. It is on the agenda of the November 7th BOS meeting, and the November 9th FinCom meeting, where I will explain the situation.

We received a $1,200 rebate from NSTAR for the HVAC equipment, so the net cost was $17,640, which is $3,260 less than the amount of the original Emergency Transfer.

Building Maintenance

I gave a tour of the building to the Capital Improvement Committee. They toured the entire facility, Attachments including looking at the HVAC equipment on the roof. We discussed the humidity/water problems in the lower level, and that it might benefit from dehumidification on a larger scale.

The elevator passed inspection. The fire alarm panel is not actually broken, just programmed so that most of the buttons are not functional. The main panel is quite close to the annunciator, so it is feasible to use the main panel if necessary if that is acceptable to the Fire Chief.


Patrons have been using the fax machine. The scanner has been available to the public since Saturday, and it was used Monday by a happy patron who was without power at home. Thanks to Wendy for moving the fax machine and for installing the scanner, and for writing up instructions.

The Medway and Stow libraries were asked to be the first to try out “Sort-to-Light,” the new delivery method. Items with barcodes in appropriate locations (outside, primarily in the upper left corner) will no longer need slips when they go into delivery. The sorters will scan the barcodes using a special ring, and a light will go on above the bin into which they should put the item. The trial went well, and all Minuteman libraries will be included in the program within about a week.


I led a book discussion at the Senior Center. Although only two people besides myself attended, it was enjoyable and we hope to have more attendees next time. I plan to lead one more discussion session, and then hopefully the group will continue on its own.

The Holliston Public Library is launching a daytime book group. Medway patrons are especially welcome, and multiple copies of the books will be available for checkout at the Medway library.

The library will host several sessions of a “Paws to Read” program, with Pat Gipps’ dog, Penny, who is also a Therapy Dog and has come to our story hours. Children can sign up for 15 minute time slots to read to Penny. Similar programs have been very successful in other libraries, including Framingham. Often, children are more comfortable reading to a dog than to an adult, and studies have shown improvements in reading skills in children who have participated in such programs.

The Medway Community Farm asked to borrow seven tables and some chairs for their Community Fair, which they picked up after the Friends’ book sale. The Community Farm was hoping to borrow them again for a community dinner, but that was canceled due to the storm.


I have completed the weeding of the adult Reference collection, and will move on to adult and juvenile non-fiction next.


Meg Hernandez of Sublime Fitness Studio in Medway has offered to do a Zumbathon fundraiser on December 10th. Eighty percent of the profits will be donated to the Friends.

Barefoot Books is also doing a fundraiser – 20% of the sales made in November will be donated to the Friends.


I completed and submitted the State Aid to Public Libraries report.

I plan to attend the MLS Annual meeting of members on November 14th, where attendees will discuss strategic planning.

I also attended the Medway 300 Kickoff meeting. There will be several events in which the library/Friends could participate, such as a town wide yard sale.

-Margaret Perkins