Board of Library Trustees Meeting
May 1, 2012

7:00 p.m.

Medway Public Library



Carol Brown, Vice-chair
Ed Duggan
Chris Monahan
Wendy Rowe, Chair


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Motion to approve the agenda: (CB1, CM2) passed unanimously.

  3. Secretary's Report
  4. Motion to approve the Secretary's report: (CM1, CB2) passed unanimously.

  5. Citizens Speak
  6. Wendy heard from a citizen distressed that there were "No Parking" signs in front of the Library during a large funeral (one of the largest ever in Medway, per the citizen) recently, with old people straggling up the hill from their on-street parking. The signs were not the Library's doing, and apparently there was some confusion as to what had been discussed. Someone from the church had called Margaret asking if we'd be open during the large funeral service, Margaret said yes, and the church contact said then they wouldn't park there; grapevine rendered that as the Library having told the church not to use the parking lot. The Trustees directed Wendy to talk with the Community Church pastor.

  7. Budget Report
  8. We received notification that the second half of our State Aid is on the way and is the expected amount ($4314.37).

  9. Director's Report
  10. The Trustees were unanimous in their endorsement of Margaret's having a position on the Minuteman Board of Directors.

    Margaret missed information about an IT training because she does not get invited to the Department Head meetings. She should attend the meetings, since she is a Department Head.

    Wendy pointed out that the very popular astronomy program was Margaret's suggestion when Wendy asked for Cultural Council grant application ideas.

    Consensus was that if the Town isn't interested in doing CORI checks on existing employees, we don't need to push for it.

  11. Old Business
  12. New Business
  13. Fundraising & Program Sponsorship
  14. Adjournment; next meeting June 5
  15. Motion to adjourn, (8:29PM), ED1, CM2, passed unanimously.

Director's Report

Medway Public Library

Director's Report

April 27, 2011

Building Maintenance

The cable equipment has been installed in the Cole Room, including a ceiling-mounted projector, a new screen, a blu-ray player, and high quality speakers. Thanks to Bob O'Neill of Medway Cable Access for all the time he spent working on this.

We are having additional shelving installed in the YA room. After I finish weeding, we will move the graphic novels, and interfile the paperback fiction to make it easier to browse.

The Men's room upstairs has continuing plumbing problems. Bobby McGee has contacted a plumber to evaluate the situation to see if we need a new toilet, but the plumber has not yet checked it out.


Kevin Manning's astronomy program was a huge success, with 53 attendees and lots of positive feedback. Thanks to David Brownell for bringing his telescope and sharing his knowledge of the night sky, and to Co-President of the Friends, Diane Busa, and her family for all their work with the video equipment. Most of the attendees stayed after the presentation until about 9:30, viewing planets and stars through Kevin's and David's telescopes. Thanks to the Medway Cultural Council and to the Friends for funding this program.

The Friends and Tammy Page took a number of pictures around the library for Library Snapshot Day. Tammy Page is working on getting a few remaining photography releases, and uploading the pictures to the MLS site.

April is National Poetry Month. Several patrons have submitted poems, which are on display near the magazines.

Once again, Pat Gipps offered to hold an additional Paws to Read session on a Saturday during April. The program remains very popular, with a long waiting list.

Amy Kaufman will offer a baby and toddler program of stories, fingerplays and songs accompanied by mountain dulcimer from July 13th - August 24th.

A patron has offered to lead a new adult book group, open to all, which will meet at the library beginning June 18th.


Leslie McDonnell, Holliston's director and current past President of the Minuteman Board of Directors, nominated me for a term on that Board. Only one other small library (Millis) will be represented on the Board, and often the priorities of small libraries are very different from those of larger libraries. I am interested in joining the Board, because I think it would be helpful for Medway to have a greater voice in the financial and other decisions made by the Board of Directors, and Medway has not been represented for many years. There are about 10 meetings per year.

I attended the Membership meeting of Minuteman Library Network library directors on April 25th. A new Collection Development policy for downloadable books was approved, and it was voted not to ban any particular subject category of downloadable books. A subcommittee is currently working with the Overdrive Committee to develop collection development procedures.

Museum Passes

We have purchased passes to the Garden in the Woods, thanks to a generous donation from the Charles River Bank. I also renewed the library's membership to the Museum of Science and the Boston Children's Museum.


Part-time staff will be working additional hours in order to cover an expected nine week absence of another staff member, due to surgery.

Training will be held in the near future for a new web-based timesheet system to which the Town is switching. I will meet with Richard Boucher to learn about the new system on May 4th.


I am now entering all invoices directly into MUNIS. A MUNIS report, the Invoice Entry Proof list, replaces the warrant spreadsheets.

I ordered a replacement receipt printer to replace the broken one. Until it arrives in a few days, the self-checkout is out of commission.

Gary Berset, of RE/MAX, donated to the library $250 of his commission on the sale of a home. Gary's continued support of the library is greatly appreciated.

-Margaret Perkins

Budget Report

Account Acct # Start Balance Expen. To Date End Balance % Spent
Salaries - Full Time 5110 $78,624.00 $68,005.11 $10,618.89 86.49%
Salaries - Part Time 5111 $66,692.00 $59,560.83 $7,131.17 89.31%
Longevity 5150 $850.00 $850.00 $0.00 100.00%
Electricity 5211 $21,500.00 $11,618.48 $9,881.52 54.04%
Heating Fuel 5212 $7,900.00 $4,184.09 $3,715.91 52.96%
Trash 5232 $1,683.00 $1,671.32 $11.68 99.31%
Water & Sewer 5231 $863.00 $305.85 $557.15 35.44%
Emergency Transfer
$17,640.00 $17,640.00 $0.00 100.00%
R & M Miscellaneous 5240 $5,784.00 $7,176.53 ($1,392.53) 124.08%
Telephone 5341 $1,500.00 $909.07 $590.93 60.60%
Supplies 5400 $1,600.00 $2,107.44 ($507.44) 131.72%
Postage 5343 $264.00 $308.00 ($44.00) 116.67%
OPS - (Minuteman bill) 5380 $22,707.00 $22,851.00 ($144.00) 100.63%
Media 5427

Books 5521

Travel 5710
$221.09 ($221.09)
$227,607.00 $197,408.81 $30,198.19 86.73%
Retroactive salaries

Start Balance Expen. To Date Income to Date Account Bal
Memorial Donations 5400 $9,836.82 $30,621.03 $22,316.55 $1,532.34
Tuchinsky Fund Interest
$40,610.32 $109.76 $193.47 $40,694.03
Tuchinsky Fund Principal

Library Restitution Fund 024-610-706-4773 $10,389.75 $6,468.28 $911.38 $4,832.85
Copier & Printer Rev. Fund 024-610-722-4840 $2,958.53 $350.90 $918.10 $3,525.73
Meeting Room Rev. Fund 024-610-723-4840 $2,114.18
$350.00 $2,464.18
Free Public Library 2017 $8,724.52 $7,212.80 $4,314.36 $5,826.08
$177,503.23 $44,762.77 $29,003.86 $161,744.32

Automated Checkout